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Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben
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Best Friends

A portrait is a unique, lasting gift for loved ones of loved ones.  It is always my intention to see each
subject through the eyes of love.  I love drawing portraits for this reason.

The artist has an opportunity to create portraits that can be deeply personal, going beyond a mere
image or copy of the facial features.  Accurate reporting of the physical attributes of a subject is of
course fundamental to good portraiture.  Perhaps even more important to me, however, is to
connect with the character, the soul, of each being I am portraying to create a truer picture of the
life force behind the image.  It is this full consideration and inclusion of the whole individual that I
feel is essential in making each portrait special.  

Working in black and white -- graphite, charcoal or a combination  -- offers opportunities to create
a visual impact and elegance that colour cannot deliver in the same way.   Black and white also
offers a sense of timelessness, due to its simplicity and immediacy.  

I draw portraits of babies, children, adults of all ages and beloved companions -- dogs, cats, horses,
birds, etc.  

Portrait drawings are commonly rendered in combinations of graphite pencil and charcoal unless
otherwise directed.    
Each portrait is drawn of one subject of head and shoulders in classical
portrait style
on acid-free archival quality drawing paper, in a 12"W x 16"H format.    

I can work from any photograph, providing the original image is appropriate in size and quality to
render a good likeness.  Photographs where the image is very small may not be suitable.  An ideal
photograph will be in high resolution, and taken close up so that details of facial structure can be
clearly identified.  The better the lighting and quality of the image you provide will positively affect
the resulting portrait.

To order, please use the
Contact Form provided or you can email me at info@patriciacollier.com
for more information.
"I already have a portrait of each of my two oldest granddaughters done by Patricia and have just
commissioned another of my third grandchild.  Patricia's drawings somehow transform a photo (of
which I have so many) to capture a bit of a child's soul.  The result is something special for my wall and an
heirloom to pass down."
Julie Chahal, Ottawa, Canada
Author, "Happily Retired"
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Ian & Jesse
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