Still Life
The Light Becomes You
Peony Study
Giverny Tapestry
Triptych Perspectives Chamomile: Afternoon Delight
Triptych Perspectives Chamomile:  Almost
The Land
Robert's Creek Peek
June's Back Yard
In Memory of Eleanor
Purple Sky
Aternoon on Gordon's Beach
Long Beach Sunset
Manitoba Mellow
Richard's Sunset
Long Beach Peach I
Gordon Beach Sunset
June's Cottage
15th Ave. Magnolia
Blue Sky Shining on Me
Nichola's Garden
Ruth's View
Tango in Blue
Villa in France
Pansy Field
The Divine Feminine
Beach House Afternoon
Triptych Perspectives:  Hydrangea - Pinwheels
Triptych Perspectives Hydrangea:  Peekaboo - I See You
Triptych Perspectives Chamomile:  Sundial
Blue Still Life
Buttery Still Life
Floral Still Life at Window
Jungle Fever
My Heart
Tulips on Sideboard
Triptych Hydrangea:  Cotton Candy
Davis Bay Glory
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Julie's Sunset
Ruth's Balcony
Wildflowers & Unicorn
The Land II
Forest 2
Mme. Latour
Pink Tulips Miniature
Still Life Red and White Roses Miniature
Brass Cup and Roses Miniature
White Rose in Blue Miniature
The Masters Garden
Breath of Life
Dancing Magnolias
Peach Roses
B.C. Waterfall
Forest 1
Purple Vetch in Glass Vase
Still Life with Music Box
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