I welcome all requests for commissioned work in oil paintings or black and
white using graphite and/or charcoal.  For details and samples see
Portraits -
Black & White and Portraits -  Oil, or Gallery.  

I can paint a realistic painting or portrait from most photographs.  You are
welcome to peruse the
Gallery where you may find a particular piece or style
that you like that will assist me in creating your commissioned work.  

The rendering of each photograph provided is ultimately determined by my
artistic interpretation in the moment.  My intention is to create a work that
is an honest, respectful interpretation of the subject while maintaining
integrity with my inner artist.

Artwork is a wonderful gift, be it a portrait of a child or loved one of any age
or a scene that may hold special memories.   As I have a busy studio
schedule, it is advisable to give plenty of lead time when planning to
commission a piece for a gift.  

Prices of all commissions are arranged in advance of work on the project.

Please use the
Contact form provided, or email me at for further information.