ocean, indeed all of nature.  My father was an avid gardener who regularly won prizes
for his roses.  I have a special affection for flowers, no doubt in part due to this early
influence.  Although I always had a yen for creating things, I grew up believing I didn't
have an artistic bone in my body.  In 1984, when making my own Christmas cards, I
discovered quite by accident that I could not only reproduce scenes before me, but
loved doing it.  And so began my life as an artist.
After several years of intense study, I began to exhibit my paintings publicly and
privately.  Today I am proficient in reproducing the classical methods of realistic art:  
painting in oil, and drawing in pencil and charcoal.  

My work has been greatly influenced by the Masters -- Turner, Rembrandt, Vermeer
and Monet to name a few.  I use oil in their tradition, as I feel it is the best medium to
express the light.  My creative process begins with an intention to become the voice of
my subject.  I will often state that the canvas or drawing "sings" when I feel it is

In creating portraits I draw on my natural empathic, intutive nature as I intend to
bring forward an aspect of the individual's soul, their essence, as it makes itself known
to me.  

Many of my pieces are created over weeks or longer, where as many as 20 layers may
be applied to the canvas or paper.

I frequently choose glazing and scumbling techniques for my paintings, as they build a
depth and luminosity which can't be duplicated with the
alla prima, or "all at once"
painting method.  Brilliant colours and their complements are characteristic of my oil

My development as an artist has included a commission to illustrate a book (see  Convinced that anyone can learn to draw or paint when they
have the desire to do so, I have enjoyed teaching classes in drawing and painting with
the intention to foster each person's ability to express in their own unique style.  

Please use the
Contact form provided, or email me at for
further information.  
I wish to dedicate this website to the memory of my
mother.  From her I inherited the gifts of creative  
expression along with a passionate desire to carry that
expression into the world, to be recognized and rewarded
for my offerings.      

My love of nature's beauty was instilled in me by my
parents.  As a child I loved to gaze at flowers, trees and the