Welcome to my website.  

For over 25 years I have been painting and drawing to express my love and awe of  the
natural beauty of this world.  My subjects include flowers, landscapes, seascapes, skies,
and portraits of children, people and animals.  It is the light which has always led me
forward in fascination, attempting to capture its magic.  Engaging with and revealing my
subject is a meditative, sensory and deeply personal process.

I am a visual artist using oil medium in the classical tradition of the masters.  My style  
has been described as realistic/impressionistic.  I apply many layers of transparent paint
to create a visual effect of light which breathes depth, vibrancy and life into each work.  
This method of painting has become less favourable in recent years, not only for
environmental concerns, but also the length of time required to produce each work.  It
commonly takes months to create each of my paintings.   In my experience, there is no
other medium or method that produces such a brilliance of light.

Please see my
Portraits page for details of my drawings in black and white.

It is my hope that you, as observer, will feel a connection to my works, that your
experience will extend beyond “viewing” and into an uplifting communion with beauty and

Please enjoy your  journey through my on-line gallery.  
Visual Artist